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Monday, 12 November 2007

Fancy That

"Fancy That" opened on Saturday, selling jewellery and accessories. Sonia, who runs the shop, was one of the flood victims back in July. The shop premises also got flooded. But undeterred Sonia has created her dream shop.

It is located where Movies used to be on Ock Street.

Golden Kitchen can be seen across the road.


Anonymous Lorraine Smith said...

I have been in and bought some very pretty accessories for my daughter. She loved them. Fancy That caters for the teenage girls very well as the jewellery and accessories are priced within their range of pocket money Saturday pay etc. Well done Sonia for getting it right and just before stocking fillers for Xmas! Good luck for the future!!!!

11 November 2007 23:16  
Blogger Mark said...

Good luck Sonia - we got your handouts at Dunmore pre-school and we'll try to be in soon!

17 November 2007 23:00  

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