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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

From Minor Road Changes to Major Emotions

The speed limit on the B4017 between Drayton and Abingdon will be set at 50 MPH. You really have to put your foot down anyway to get up to 60 MPH on this short winding stretch. I remember the motor cyclist who was killed on this stretch about four years ago. I cycled past the slowly fading flowers left as a road side memorial for many days. I remember his first name, and people complaining that something had to be done about that stretch of road.

The parking spaces opposite the Co-op development are to be lost to the builders for the next 45 weeks. I don't really begrudge them the space. We do after all want the store. But it will make it even more like a game of musical chairs for us residents trying to get a parking place. Grrr!


Anonymous Paul Gustafson said...

People go to slow on that road as it is, to the point it causes some tailbacks at busy times of the day.

As bad as the cycle accident was...there is a perfectly good cycle path.

24 October 2007 12:35  

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