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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Michaelmas Fair - Tuesday

There is a 'Street Fair' poster in Dawsons - the recently closed down music shop. Reflected behind can be seen a Helter Skelter next to 'Just Toys' - also closed down. 'Just Toys' are to have their Clearance Sale later this week. So they'll just re-open for that.

There was more of a Police presence this year at the fair than usual. I didn't see any trouble over the two days, but the Herald did report a stabbing.

There were bigger crowds yesterday (Monday) when weather was expected to be good. Today, as it happens, the weather was also good, after some morning rain.

But you just have to make your choice. Come along on the less busy Tuesday: risk rain but maybe get longer rides... Its a case of swings and roundabouts.


Blogger the Beep said...

they kept my son on one ride so long that he came home and threw up....

10 October 2007 09:55  

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