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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Banksy in Abingdon?

Abingdon Artists have just had an exhibition in St Nic's church. But not all Abingdon artists belong to that group.

It was reported a couple of days ago that 11 pieces of grafitti by Banksy from Bristol sold for half a million. So could any of our local graffiti be by Banksy?

The turntable outside the Kings Head and Bell? 'Not sure...'

This bus queue along Winsmore Lane 'Mmm Possibly!'


Anonymous Pete Cooper said...

Good spot on the graffiti - as an Abingdon graffiti fan I snapped the Winsmore Lane a while ago:

That's just a stencil spray, not a Banksy, alas. What's more interesting is the mobile version of the same stencil, on a red Rascal:

Keep up the great blogging - good to see Abingdon on the map :)

13 November 2007 17:24  

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