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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Wake Up Call for Old Gaol

The Old Gaol had a wake up call at 11 on the Market Place. People brought alarm clocks, whistles, and saucepan lids.

This is the Old Gaol, this morning. A decision is soon to be made about its redevelopment, and the protesters want to see community use.

Dr Evan Harris the local MP is seen here, alongside some of the Cog campaigners. They did the speeches...

And then everybody else made a loud noise. St Nics church bells even starting ringing.

The whole event was rounded off by a more soothing performance by Jazz Cafe. If you are not watching the Rugby tonight then Jazz Cafe are performing at St Helen Church at 7:30 tonight.

By the way Abingdon Rugby Club have a new website. From the website it looks like the Rugby Club is the best place to watch the final between England and South Africa this evening.


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