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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Better Ways to School

Caldecott Chase borders Caldecott School, and there looks as though there is a new way through the new development to the school.

On the other side of Caldecott School, another back entrance has been laid from Drayton Road. For a long time this has been an overgrown gap between houses.

These back routes to Caldecott School resulted from the Better Ways to School project. The school put together a travel plan about five years ago, to encourage children to walk or cycle, and this is part of the result. Another earlier result was the wooden fences on the grass verge in front of the school. They were put there because cars often drove over the verge, potentially, into the path of school children.

(Cyclists seen at the Abbey Gateway on Sunday have nothing to do with Caldecott but they are nice and colourful.)


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