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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Oxfordshire Life featuring ABINGDON

'Oxfordshire Life' is on a special stand at Waitrose this month. The front cover, and a colourful article, features Abingdon.

"After the floods Abingdon says: We're Open for Business... Ready to welcome visitors back..."

"Located at the seat of the Vale of the White Horse, Abingdon is a pretty town situated on the bank of the Thames known for its unique shopping, rich cultural history and charm."

Need I go on?

With buildings like this

And roads like this

And flowers like this...


Blogger Martin G said...

I picked up a copy of this a week or so back - it was a good read.
If only the Council could do something about the empty shops springing spoils a very picturesque town.

20 September 2007 08:24  

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