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Monday, 17 September 2007

More Abingdon Developments

At Abingdon School, at the junction of Bath Street and Faringdon Road, the sports hall is being expanded.

Next to the Fitzharries Public House, the old ambulance station is soon to be replaced by housing.

A new housing development called Northcourt Square is taking shape near Dunmore School.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understood that this development is being built on land sold by two private owners of the houses, No.75 and 77 Northcourt Road, not Dunmore School. A case of garden grabbing? It was for sale by Thomas Merrifield for £2.5 million. I am not in favour of this type of development and fear there will be more in North Abingdon.

19 September 2007 20:31  
Blogger back streeter said...

thanks for the correction.

19 September 2007 20:58  

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