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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Abingdon Landlords - Robin and Mellie

Landlord and Landlady: Robin and Mellie
Public House: Broad Face
Location: Bridge Street, Town Centre


Blogger TPBLYTH said...

Abingdon's Landlords. Great idea for a new seeries. I loved the Broad Face. Always wondered abou the origin of the name? How about the folks at the Brewers Tap next. The all-day breakfast is the best.
Peter, Minneaplis USA

12 September 2007 21:56  
Blogger back streeter said...

Mellie told me the origin of the name. She said the explanation most people like is that in the 1700s it was called the Saracens head, but people back then didn't know what a saracen looked like. So the signs got badly overpainted and grew wider and wider, until locals giving directions started saying "go over the bridge, and look out for the 'Broad Face.'"
I'm not sure you can write history on the basis of the best stories. But why not.

Alternatives: the face of a hung man from the Old Gaol opposite, or the face of a drowned man pulled out from the river. More probably: the pub juts out and presents a broad face to people coming into town that way.

I will do other landlords / ladies as and when I find them, Brewery Tap included. So long as they don't throw me out. I reckon their are 16 pubs in Abingdon. I delivered leaflets to all of them a weeks or so back, all within about an hour on a Sunday lunchtime. On that lunchtime the most popular Sunday Lunchtime Pubs were all outside the town centre:
1. Boundary House
2. Magic Midget
3. Spread Eagle
So why are most of the pubs in the town centre?

12 September 2007 23:05  
Blogger Mark said...

I guess 'cos we're a brewery town.

When we first moved here, Nicki and I were members of CAMRA, and we set off to visit the pubs of Abingdon. Aside from the Brewery Tap and the Broad Face, the rest of the pubs in Abingdon were a little, er, rough.

The Broad Face is a fantastic place, and a real credit to Abingdon. It wins loads of prizes for its food, and its staff sure know how to keep and serve real ale. There's always a guest beer on as well - it's currently the superlative St Austell's Tribute.

18 September 2007 16:15  
Anonymous stinger said...

Ray Janes here, I used the Broad Face since the late 60s, it was always a nice place to get wet. Sadly I am no longer in Abingdon but I do pass through and next time I will be sure to call in for a pint!

6 February 2008 22:47  
Blogger Mellie Ferrier said...

Thanks all, for all your comments and views, we really appreciate them all. We always try to listen to our customers so if you have any comments or suggestions you want to share with us, please don't hesitate to pop in or visit the website.
Watch out for news about our latest awards on March 18th 2008 - we are up for two awards 1)Food Pub of the Year and 2) Customer Service Pub of the Year.
Thanks again, Mellie & Robin

8 February 2008 20:35  

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