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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Extraordinary Council Meeting - Floods

An extraordinary meeting of the District Council was called to discuss flooding.

As it was a Council meeting, the public could only participate if they had pre-arranged to speak or ask questions. Six had, and most of the words came from councillors. Of those speaking before one lady Lucy Hutton complained that there were no sandbags until afterwards, and little warning. Mike Badcock compalined about the time taken to collect spoilt furniture from houses. Campaigners from Radley lakes saw the filling of the lake as reducing the flood plain further.

We heard from councillors how other villages, and towns had been affected and coped. Traffic was diverted with little overall control. Four by fours drove through creating waves into houses. One village had serious floods 24 years ago, but this time things were improved, having kept their culverts and ditches clear. They suffered no flooded houses. Other councillors spoke of the 'underfunded' Environment Agency not having the resources to fulfil their role and keep waterways clear. But they called for sensitivity: clearing watercourses upstream could just make things worse for Abingdon downstream.

A Councillor from, Turbeville Close, Abingdon - pictured above - who had been severely flooded spoke of going to bed having studied the flood warnings, satisfied things were safe, only to be woken to flooding from the Ock at 4 in the morning.

It was announced that there will be a real public meeting on 16th November. By then hopefully the report from the Environment Agency will be complete.


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