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Friday, 28 September 2007

The Clear up Continues

Temperatures are beginning to drop. It seems even sadder now seeing the empty houses.

This group of bungalows have been fenced off for flood renovation work. The people continue to live in hotels and probably will do until early next year.

Here at Meadowside work is progresing in some houses. The industrial dehumidifiers continue to whirr away in empty downstairs rooms. Plaster has been stripped from the lowers walls. Furniture is still piled outside.

And on the Ladygrove Estate people are in a similar state: people living away from their houses. Their local resident newsletter says in the October edition "Whatever happened, there are sluice gates to 'manage' rivers, so it cannot be beyond the wit of the Environent Agency to prevent such residential flooding on such a scale from such a little river as the Ock."


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