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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Caption Competition


Anonymous albert said...

Sometimes I feel slightly crappy

31 August 2007 22:09  
Blogger Martin G said...

So you've been waiting HOW long for the X13??

1 September 2007 09:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many years in the future the statues of Victoria and Albert are put together, and the mayor of Abingdon says to them "You've been very good statues and have served Abingdon very well. We now have the technology to bring you to life for twenty minutes, so go and do whatever you want."

Victoria says, "Are you thinking what I am thinking?".

"I am." says Albert with a smile.

They run off into the bushes nearby. and some time later reappear panting, and laughing.

The Mayor says "You still have ten minutes."

Victoria says, "Shall we do the same again?".

"Oh yes!" says Albert "But this time can you hold the pigeons down while I poo on them!"

1 September 2007 16:44  
Blogger Mr E Bay said...

How many times do I have to say it! I'm not Lord Nelson!

1 September 2007 19:34  
Anonymous Lord Pigeon said...

Pigeons Rule OK

2 September 2007 23:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favour mate. Feathers don't suit you.

6 September 2007 00:00  

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