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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

'A' Boards

This may look like an 'A' board, but in fact it is a rather battered basket ball board at Southern Town Park so forget that and move on...

An 'A' board is an easy to move, fold up, and store board where the message or poster can easily be changed. 'A' board pavement signs help attract the public to an event, a store or even a local library. The Abingdon library 'A' board has a PVC cover to hold 'The Big Wild Read' design.

'A' boards seen here along Stert Street are Jennifer Gerard Gallery, and Mostly Books.
A bit of clever positioning here at Frugal food means that you don't get the message once but twice.

'A 'boards can add character and colour to a market town like Abingdon. But there are more and more of them about and I've only shown some of the better ones.


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