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Thursday, 2 August 2007


Before going away last Friday, we were several tent pegs short, and I went to our local outdoor shop to try to find some. Unfortunately they had just sold their last two lots.

On the way back home I passed Crystals, the shop in Lombard Street.

Steve, the manager, came out of the shop and said, "Do you still need the tent pegs?"

"What???" I couldn't remember telling him we needed tent pegs.

Anyway, Steve left to find some tent pegs from his flat nearby.

There was a simple explanation: my wife had told Steve we needed tent pegs.

(Moral of the story: It can seem like magic when somebody unexpectedly helps you.)


Blogger Rosy said...

It was really a nice blog with a beautiful moral.

20 August 2007 13:54  

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