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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Rave on the River in the Rain

The Breakfreekz 2007 Boat Party passed alongside us at Abingdon Lock, as we walked down the river towards Swift Ditch. They had come from Oxford and were returning that way. The music stopped for as long as it took to get through the Lock. It had started to rain.

By the time we reach Swift Ditch, the boat had left us some way behind and all we could hear was the thump of the drum N bass - from the rave on the river in the rain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So that's what it was! I thought it was one of my neigbours holding a bash! I bet they made many friends on the river as they went along :-0 I think a field somewhere where people who want to listen to the music can go to is better than foisting it on communities along the river willy-nilly. Shouldn't think the wild-life was too appreciative either.

19 August 2007 01:45  

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