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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Pet's Paradise - but not children's

CD Department Closing Down SALE.

Recently closed down Toy Shop.

Traditional pet shop .... expanding.

Another even larger pet shop is on its way at Fairacres, out of town, called Pet City or Pet Supermarket or Pet Paradise or something like that.


Blogger Martin G said...

I had not spotted the toy shop closing down - you don't see many independany toy shops around these days.
As for Dawsons - like many CD sales outlets, can no longer compete with downloads.

22 August 2007 08:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, when i was in abingdon, in may, i impressed to see many mothers and small childrens in the streets and parks and cofeeshops, and by so many dogs. so maybe it is a paradise for both of them. and anyway - your beautifull abingdon was a kind of paradise to me.
thank you again for your blog
orna, israel

22 August 2007 08:34  
Blogger Martin G said...

I see from the Oxford Times today that Dawsons is closing down completely - Abingdon will be turning into a ghost town!

24 August 2007 11:47  
Anonymous Alan Grieve said...

Well...Woolworths is still open, so come visit us.

24 August 2007 20:00  
Blogger back streeter said...

Will do. Keep up the good work.

25 August 2007 00:10  
Anonymous Lee Maskell said...

Im not surprised to hear about another independant toy shop closing. As a toy retailer we now concentrate on trading online as the competition from the larger stores and even supermarkets make it hard to compete.

We have had to concentrate on a niche of wooden toys to differentite ourselfs.

We would of course be happy to serve the good folk of Abingdon with quality toys should they need them.

25 June 2008 20:48  

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