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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Two Angry Women of Abingdon

Repainted as part of the underpass mural...

"Two Angry Women of Abingdon" was written by Henry Porter. The play was well received and Porter could have gone on to become a great talent in the Elizabethan theatre. Unfortunately he did not continue to write the likes of...

Sblood, I do not like the humour of these springals; they'll spend all their father's good at gaming. But let them trowl the bowls upon the green. I'll trowl the bowls in the buttery by the leave of God and Master Barnes: an his men be good fellows, so it is; if they be not, let them go snick up.

And if that has whetted your appetite you can
read the full play here!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just found your blogs while looking for news abou the floods. How glad I am that I have done so! Having appeared in the play 'Two Angry Women of Abingdon when Abingdon Drama Club performed it as part of their 40th (I think!) anniversary celebration, it brought bqack many happy memories. I can also remember when Margaret Jones and Co painted the underpass originally.

I can assure you that your site is being saved to 'My favourites'.

23 July 2007 14:19  

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