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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Thameside Fair

There was a good turnout for the fair at Thameside School lastnight. Lots of raffle prizes.

The longest queue was for the ponies.

I helped out on the White Elephant stall. Thats where you sell off unwanted gifts - aka white elephants. My co-worker had the gift of the gab and sold much more than me. Money raised goes to help buy things for the school.

Ever at hand, the school caretaker was doing the BBQ.

The Fair had a pirate theme (but the camera batteries ran out just as I tried to take a picture of the headteacher and children dressed as pirates so you'll have to imagine that).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and there's me wondering whether John Buckley is still headteacher! :o

7 July 2007 03:02  
Blogger back streeter said...

John moved on into a training role a few years ago and Sally Crowther has been head for two years.

7 July 2007 13:45  

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