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Tuesday, 31 July 2007


The new skatepark has been built in time for the summer holidays. At long last the BMXers, and skaters, can do stunts at places other than the disability ramps and stairwells and boundary walls of Abingdon's public buildings.

The Skatepark, made from reinforced concrete, can be found next to the Vale leisure centre off Audlett Drive. The Sophos office can be seen in the background.


Anonymous Lorraine Smith said...

Just to say what a brilliant site!! Was told to look at flood pictures by a fellow Town Councillor and have spent the last forty minutes looking at past pictures comments and posts. I have to go and get on but will definately be logging back on later. The pictures of flooding were brill and I can't wait to show my husband Ock Street, we live in Tower Close and were flooded but he stayed with the house after I waded out and I couldn't describe how it was to him. Well done for this fantastic site. Lorraine Smith

1 August 2007 10:25  
Blogger back streeter said...

Hi Lorraine,
There are also pictures of the flood in Abingdon to be found on the web sites: Abingdon Walks and Simos Thoughts

3 August 2007 13:30  

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