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Monday, 16 July 2007

Sign of the Time

Trinity Church has always operated a no-smoking policy, but now in order to comply with the new law, appropriate signs are displayed at various points, like this one on the door of the choir vestry.


A man came into church and lit up a cigarette. There were mutterings, then a steward approached him and said "You cannot smoke here. Didn't you see the sign?"

The man flicked ash across the carpet. "Ah ha," he said, "Today is national smoking day and I can smoke wherever I want."


Just a dream.


Blogger Barnaby Bear said...

What a pathetic dictatorial totalitarian fascist piece of legislation this is. Based on the junk science myth of danger of second hand smoke. we are all being brainwashed. Landlords should have the right to decide whether to allow smoking, in their establishment. Some decent ventilation system is cheaper than a smoke shelter.
UK National Smoking Day declared on the 31st December 2007.
Posters available for download...

29 November 2007 20:55  

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