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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Severe Flood Warning

Both the River Ock and the River Thames are now moved up to Severe Flood Warning. The Almshouses are prepared.

At last light there were still a lot of people watching the water at St Helens Wharf as they have been doing all day. The emergency services have been busy all day. We even had firemen from Manchester and Essex. A lot of our own firemen have had their own homes in Meadowside flooded, but continued to battle on for the rest of us.

Evacuees have been moved from The Guildhall, whose bottom floor could flood, to the Kassam Stadium. The evacuee meeting point has moved to Our Lady's Convent at the bottom of Radley Road and, if needed, Thameside School on Cotman Close.

A policeman came to warn our road that we were at risk, and should make some preparations should we be flooded.


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