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Monday, 23 July 2007

Save our Flood Plain

"Here we are reporting in Abingdon..."

The flood plain stretches behind the ITV reporter.
The crowds, on the bridge, watch some rescue boats helping a boat in difficulty. Most of the boats however are secured with the help of poles installed by a local scaffolding firm. (Dunkirk spirit)

There is no large flood in town yet. The large flood plain on the other side of the River Thames does help. For every inch the water rises on the town side it has to spread half a mile on the other.

Famous buildings have escaped so far. The museum basement got flooded during the deluge on Friday - but that is not very visible from outside.

But some of the, soon to be built, buildings were not quite so lucky. This is the new development next to the River Ock on the Drayton Road.


Anonymous Sami said...

as i said earlier, i'm still open for business.

miiiixed burrrger yeah? salaad and onion? chili sauce yea? are you surrre?

ok 3 pounds. cheerssz. next one!

23 July 2007 22:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandbags were still being delivered to some properties as late as 10pm tonight (Monday 23rd). The local Council has a call centre open all night for reports of rising waters or requests for assistance - phone Abingdon 520202. Let's hope it's a quiet night, we really could do without a 'surge'....

23 July 2007 23:11  
Blogger back streeter said...

Yeah! Abingdon's own and only Keebab van. Sure I'm sure. Lots of chilli sauce.


I hope so too. Sleep well. But lets keep the Dunkirk spirit whatever happens tonight.

23 July 2007 23:25  
Blogger back streeter said...

This post has been removed by the author.

23 July 2007 23:27  
Anonymous trixie said...

This is a fantastic blog - great to be able to see history as it happens and the most useful flood info around. Thank you, you have excelled yourself these past few days.

23 July 2007 23:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am away from my house at Ock Street till mid August, and very worrying. But reading this blog cheered me up a bit - high spirits in difficult time. Thanks

24 July 2007 15:24  
Blogger back streeter said...

The Vale will be visitng flooded homes to help assess damage and see what needs to be done. Contact the Council between 8.45am and 5.00pm for assistance on 01235 520202. They could check it out if nobody else is around.

24 July 2007 18:00  

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