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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Hathaways Closing

In the centre of this typical Hathaways window display there is a yellow notice:

"Hathaways" formerly owned and run by Mr A. C. Rogers (known to us all as Con.) will cease trading at the end of business on

Saturday 1st September 2007.

His children have taken the decision with considerable regret and they would like to thank the staff for managing the shop since their father's death in December 2006.

They would also like to thank all the customers past and present for their valued custom.

The closure is rumoured to be because of inheritance tax.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sad to see that Hathaways is no more. A shop I remember from my childhood some 65 years back.
Jeanette (in Canada)

4 August 2007 03:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My commiserations to the family.

When living in Abingdon, my weekly visit to The Baccy Shop usually resulted in more than collecting ones purchases - I would often spend quite some time chatting.

I'm sure many will miss Hathaways.

5 August 2007 09:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a shame, it had a lovely atmosphere to it. Perhaps due to subtle under the counter serving?

6 August 2007 22:39  
Blogger The Jewel Factory said...

I made and painted the current shop signs :-)

22 November 2008 00:16  

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