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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Left Over Sandbags

There has been a more relaxed feel. The emergency services are no longer on high alert. The River Thames is still just as high, but it seems predictable now - not the great unknown.

The path to the weir has been washed away and cordoned off since yesterday. Here, perhaps, is a use for those left over sandbags.

The flood has NOT helped Abingdon Town Football Club's pitch or floodlight controls, but it has made it a better place to take pictures.

Abingdon Vale cricket club were having a good season until this happened. Still, I'm sure they'll bounce back.

But will everybody who has been flooded bounce back so easily? One lady had only just moved back to her former town Abingdon, after loosing her husband. As she sat, as an evacuee, in the Guildhall - she said ' I may have made a big mistake.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was rather sad today walking home on the ladygrove /tithe farm estate.
our home on orpwood way is out of the floodplain - although it did provide a frightening view of the 2 fields adjoining tesco filling with water in the space of 5 hours.
while relieved for myself, other houses on orpwood way were not so lucky - same for others on the estate.
the sun was out today and the water had receeded a great deal - the ock was now obeying the rules and sticking to it's own course, leaving behind just a few pools of water to soak into the ground. however, on my walk through I could see many people piling up former posessions in black bags, and the high water marks were all too visible on the houses. the very thought of being flooded out is surreal but for the last 3 nights I had fully expected it. at least I know that my home was safe from some of the worst flooding ever...

24 July 2007 22:52  
Blogger back streeter said...

Well put.

25 July 2007 00:35  
Blogger Percy said...

Great Blog, Thanks for the photo and comments. As you know I am in Oxford and have not had a chance to get in to Abingdon, but I hope that the water in Oxford at the moment slows down before it gets to you.

25 July 2007 17:12  
Anonymous Murray said...

Thanks for all the info over the flood period, excellent work. I have some aerial photos of the town that I took on Tues 24th July am, which show the floods at their peak. Let me know where to send them if you want them on the site.

25 July 2007 18:23  
Blogger back streeter said...

Percy, Thanks. The water on the Thames is still high here, and probably went higher today than yesterday, but the one that did all the damage is the much smaller River Ock. And because of all the warnings people down that way are still very worried.

Murray, Thanks for the offer. Send to . Let me know who to acknowledge. With Thanks. back streeter

26 July 2007 19:49  

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