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Sunday, 22 July 2007


Some people have been up all night, either flooded out or watching the water rise. This morning a lot of roads are closed or flooded.

Caldecott is virtually an island: The Drayton Road is flooded.
Ock Street is flooded as are residences either side

Spring Road is flooded at the bottom.

Much of Ladygrove Estate is flooded, and water is still rolling into Wordsworth Road on the Tithe Farm estate. People are just watching it inch up nearer their houses, hoping it will stop. The peak is reported to be 3 PM this afternoon.

The Hermitage Road estate is flooded, as are Turbeville Close. The elderly people from places like Cygnet Court and Ladygrove Paddock were evacuated last night and taken initially to the Guildhall. Some have been collected by relatives. Some have been found housing by the Vale. Others will be there for another night, and may be joined by others if the flooding continues to get worse.

The Thames is not such a problem yet. It could be within another 24 hours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this web site of Abingdon! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

28 July 2007 00:04  
Anonymous Ray said...

those three at the top are hot stuff. yeahh, they should get their own webpage or something.whose with me?

5 August 2007 23:23  
Anonymous Katie said...

Katie is with you!
High five for that
*high fives ray a little too enthusiastically

24 August 2007 21:36  

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