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Monday, 23 July 2007

First Light - waiting

Another new day, and things are looking better than yesterday morning. The predicted surge down the River Thames is not evident. The water level is at the same point as most of yesterday - a few inches beneath the wharf. The longer it is delayed the better it is for the knock-on impact on the River Ock.

Some areas of housing, and the Tesco carpark are still flooded, as are all the fields surrounding Tesco, but the water has receded from Ock Street and Drayton Road.

But, still keep an eye out, the BBC say this morning 'The council, predicting 41 roads are likely to flood in Abingdon, has made sandbags available at the area's local police station and Caldecott School.' The Abingdon Herald has the list of 41 and says it may occur up to '9am on Tuesday.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any developments today?

23 July 2007 11:50  
Blogger back streeter said...

Not in Abingdon but upstream at Iffley Lock the Lock keeper on Radio Oxford has just reported a 2 inch rise in 30 minutes, and he is trying to let as much water through but it is still rising

23 July 2007 11:57  

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