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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Scenic Lake - dumping ground for big business

There were crowds in the Abbey Meadows this weekend enjoying the open air pool and the water jets. There were queues at the ice-cream kiosk, and Waitrose was busy at lunchtime, selling out of those serve yourself salads.

Elsewhere in Abingdon there was a steady flow of cyclists going past Radley Lake. The lake is likely to be drained and used as a dumping ground for ash from Didcot Power Station. A lot of the trees have already been destroyed, and native birds like kingfishers have gone.

But these locals are still putting up a fight (my dog joined them for the picture). They have been trying to stop RWE nPower by proving that the Lake has been used recreationally (that is like a Village Green) for at least twenty years, and they would be glad to hear from more witnesses. The Radley Lake public enquiry begins again on 20th June.

Most people get to the Radley Lakes along this cycle track.


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