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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Tesco Scenic Route

Most people drive to Tesco along the Marcham Road. But there is an alternative scenic route which begins on Mill Road.

In the distance Tesco can be seen beyond this overgrown, little used footpath...

where wild roses have taken over.

On one side of Mill Road are 'set aside' fields

Cross over the River Ock and a wheat field stretches towards the Tesco store.

The scenic route follows the meanderings of the River Ock. (Orpwood Drive can be seen on this shot.)

Then the path leaves the river and takes you round a shady track

until Tesco appears through an opening.


Blogger Annie said...

Hi Back Streeter, I enjoyed taking this little tour of Tesco and it's environ with you today.

2 June 2007 20:38  
Blogger Zyzzyz said...

The first photo sums up well my opinion of Tesco.

3 June 2007 06:19  
Anonymous Paul Gustafson said...

Many a time I've taken this route. Apart from the "special treat" here and there, it's a very nice route.

3 June 2007 13:25  

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