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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

New Mayor Elected

The Abingdon flag has been flying over the county hall for the last couple of days instead of the union jack, possibly due to the Mayor Making this evening.

On the stage of the Abbey Hall, in front of an audience of town's people, Abingdon Town Council unanimously elected the new mayor by 20 votes to 0. The new mayor isn't the chap with the chain, but the lady with the bonnet. This picture was taken when the mayor-to-be was helping the town celebrate the 45oth anniversary of the royal charter.

Her name is Lorraine Oates. She is 60 - although I find that hard to believe. She is married to Tim, who flies helicopters for a living. (That is not Tim by the way.) Lorraine has been on the town council for four years, and has chaired the amenities committee (which looks after play areas, cemetaries, allotments etc).

Lorraine is often on hand to help at events, and as mayor will attend possible two to three hundred in the next year with the help of her deputy.


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