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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Look! No Pavements

2¾ miles from Abingdon town centre is the centre of the village of Marcham. Off one side of the main road you will find a sheep farm...

and a dairy farm...

and there is an old dove-cote squeezed in next to an electricity sub-station.

But, like Abingdon, Marcham suffers from traffic problems. Along the main street called 'Packhorse Lane' the road twists, and there are no pavements.

There has been a long campaign to build a bypass round Marcham, but there is no funding currently and so the campaign drags on. In fact, things might get worse for Marcham with the proposed reservoir. Thames Water are proposing building a service road from near Marcham to the reservoir (should the reservoir be given the go-ahead). That could then draw in more traffic.


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