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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Spirit of Adventure - Day 1

Two old Abingdon friends were back in town today: the RAF and MG. The RAF AWACS spy plane cruises over these MG cars parked the other side of the river.

The MGs were there for the opening of a new MG exhibition at the museum. Extra gallery rooms have been opened on the top floor to house the MG exhibition.

Road signs were there to show visitors the way to the RAF Spirit of Adventure airshow at Dalton Barracks (once RAF Abingdon), but there was not that much extra traffic in town

Life went on in Abingdon with its usual mixture of misfortune and fortune. There was a fire in the Parasol Chinese Restaurant at the top of East St Helens Street.

The emergency services were still busy with the fire at the Parasol restaurant,

when the bells of St Nics rang out a wedding party.

The wedding didn't get their timing quite right though...

...If they'd waited around until 4 PM, they could have had the red arrows fly past.


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