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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Monday Closing in France

For a change from toast and marmalade, I had croissants for breakfast...

purchased from Patisserie Pascal. Yesterday was the opening of this very French enterprise. Their closing day will be Monday as is the habit in France.

The owners used to have a similar business in Somertown, Oxford. They have now started again in Abingdon, at the top of East St Helen Street, in what was once Exclusive Hair Design.

Exclusive are not far away in West St Helen Street, next door to what will be the Co-op. (If rumour is correct, work is expected to start in June on the long awaited Co-op.)

On the other side of the Co-op, work has begun on what was Glendales. Frend the jeweller have already moved in. Frend and co Ltd are a well established Abingdon business. They moved from the precinct a week or so back.


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