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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

40 days to go

The entrance display at the Guildhall says '40 day to go!' until there is a smokefree Guildhall. There will also be a smokefree England from July 1st, as far as pubs and clubs are concerned, so not just the Guildhall bar is affected.

It will be interesting to hear what our grandchildren have to say about this change, "You used to smoke cigarettes in the Guildhall? No! What did they say?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guildhall, hope to be there sat 2nd june for cousins wedding if we can get a reasonable priced B&B, my uncle Sid works/worked here. Just commented about Tesco. Being a non smoker i can't wait, the down side is when you go outside and try to get a breath of fresh air ??????

26 May 2007 08:34  
Blogger buccaneer said...

Just signed up so no longer anonymous

26 May 2007 08:41  

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