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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Public Meetings

Its now or never: decision time for the Old Gaol. The three councils (County, District and Town) commissioned a report about the feasibility of developing the Old Gaol as a community resource. Success really depended on the library moving there as the main source of funding, and getting a lottery grant. But the report showed that it was too expensive for any of the councils to take on. And so now the district council are looking for private developers. Over 100 have expressed an interest. But there are people who still hope to make it a community facility, and a public meeting takes place at Thomas Reade School on April 17th at 7:45 PM.

From the vantage point of the Museum I took this picture showing progress on the Market Place. One of the assistants told me of another public meeting on April 18th at 7Pm in the Guildhall. This is to discuss access improvements to Abingdon County Hall museum. Not everybody can get into the building and up those stairs as easy as me.

Down below, there is a description of the changes being done on the Market Place. The workmanship looks good to me. The company doing the work are fairly local (SCM from Aylesbury), and are a family run business.

Just one more view of progress with red tulips in the foreground. Somebody did suggest I took a picture every week to show the pile of granite slabs getting smaller as they are re-laid. By the way, I am informed that the York Stones round the outside will be coated to protect them from chewing gum. Chewing gum seems to be the biggest worry for most people.


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