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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Almost, Like being at the Seaside

The ice-cream van was parked near the new millennium needle sculpture.

The public conveniences were open in the Abbey Meadows, as was the golf kiosk. I even heard somebody expressing disappointment that the open air pool was not open yet.

It was the sort of day when visiting Abingdon was, almost, like being at the sea-side. People were gazing at the weir..

or watching boats cruising through Abingdon Lock.

This colourful barge, called Lucky, slowly approaches the Lock.

Harry, my dog, goes to sniff around whenever he comes to a bench with somebody on it. He has learnt that people eat sandwiches and often drop tit-bits.

This boat has got up speed passing Nags Head island before going under the Bridge, heading downstream towards Culham.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


My name is mark Holland i am the designer of abingdon youth rugby website found your blog by accident and and its very good if you could email me as i would be intrested in some of your photos and maybe we could do a deal on some server space for you to store a website, photos on as i will be getting my own servers soon. My email is and i live in abingdon.Also i will stick a link on our rugby club website if you want as this will give you more views/hits

Cheers Mark

10 April 2007 17:31  

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