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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Tree Chopping

From some way away a buzz-saw could be heard.

The 2000-odd trees round the lake had been numbered. This is number 510.

Trees have been felled, left to be collected later.

The bailiffs have set up camp, where the protestors were, at the cottage called "Sandles". They were having a good laugh when I went past. There had been a silent walk-past protest earlier in the day. The Bailiffs could now relax.

My sister was one of the young women protesting at Greenham Common, and she was regulary shown the way out by the bailiffs. Many years later we discovered, through friends re-united, that one of the Greenham Common bailiffs had sat next to my wife, as a 9 year old, at St Werburgh's Catholic Primary School, Birkenhead.


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