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Saturday, 10 February 2007

Weekly News Snowball Round-up

The Co-op are currently going through the tender process, getting bids from builders, to build the new store in West St Helen Street. So things are moving forward, if slowly.

The X15 bus is up for renewal, and the County may replace it with a lesser service. This service is essential for the Abingdon to Witney College as it connects A to W.

A direct bus to the JR hospital started operating late last November, namely the X13.

Since installing the Abingdon Bridge traffic lights the town has been quieter, but people coming in from Culham are experiencing long queues.

Most schools were closed because of the snow on Thursday and Friday but the snow had thawed on Saturday. It is half term next week.

The Net young people's cinema opened
for the first time last Saturday.

The Market Place resurface and redesign starts this week, and the Monday Market will move to the Civic Car-park during the duration of maybe 18 weeks.

The Town Council put extra money into next years budget for youth projects such as the Net, Foyer, U13 mentoring, and the Bridge.

Thames Water have shown us how the reservoir will work: they may be able to combine an secondary drainage channel as part of the to-be-rebuilt Wilt and Berks Canal; the main supply tunnel will be bored from the Thames at Culham reach. Thames Water are suggesting an anciliary supply road across Abingdon Common ( from the Marcham Road west of the A34) .

But the environment agency isn't convinced a reservoir is necessary, nor I suspect are the people of Abingdon. Abingdon Common belongs to Abingdonians in some historic way and is held in trust by the Town Council.

nPower sent in masked bailifs to clear squatters from the cottage, called Sandles, beside Thrupp (Radley) Lake.

Last Saturday there was benefit gig at the Kings Head and Bell to help the campaign, and last night people calling for the Lake to be recognised as a village green met at Hadlands Road community centre.

I got a letter from the nPower customer retention managaer this morning saying "Sorry you're leaving us..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So pleased you're back, missed your view on Abingdon after Abingdon Blogger, and only just found this. Thanks for sharing your unique view of our town.
Best wishes, Katie

10 February 2007 14:44  

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