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Friday, 16 February 2007

Bird Lake

This latest accessory is to be seen at Radley Lakes worn by some nPower employees.

As everybody in Abingdon knows, there has been a long peaceful campaign of signing petitions and letter writing for about two years to try to stop what is now happening. Trees round Radley Lake are being cut in preparation for filling the lake with fly-ash.

nPower claims their employees are being bullied. Above is picture of one of the protestors talking to nPower employee's (picture from the Herald). nPower has brought out an injunction to stop access to all but the cyclepath that borders Radley Lake. Just a couple of quotes from protestors from this weeks Abingdon Herald:

"We are all law-abiding, ordinary people."

"It's very intimidating and quite scary."

"We all feel our civil liberties have been infringed by being photographed and filmed by men in balaclavas."


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