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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Abingdon Trees

This looks to me like a relative of Treebeard. Treebeard is the oldest of the Ents in Lord of the Rings. Ents are treelike creatures that shepherd the other trees and do battle with the evil wizard Sauraman. This Treebeard-like specimen is to be found in Albert Park.

At St Helens Wharf the trees are well clipped and regimented.

Along Park Road in front of Abingdon School a line of evenly spaced trees could soon loose one of their number. There is a notice pinned to the nearest tree asking you to watch out because it is possibly unstable. We had strong winds over a week ago...

... and some trees did not survice. This Silver Birch near the entrance to the Ock Mini Park (by the double roundabout) had to be chopped in '07.'


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