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Saturday, 20 January 2007

Eco Warriors v NPower

The house next to Thrupp Lake was open today, and occupied by eco-warriers.

They were inviting locals in for a cup of tea.

This is the Lake they are trying to save.

There are scenes of desolation and destruction at the nearby lakes which have been filled in.


Anonymous internet warrior said...

Hit them where it hurts - in their bank balance. I've switched energy supplier and made a saving using

21 January 2007 22:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'We may have lost round one, but we will re-group and consider our next course of action. We are not finished yet' Squatter Dave

Here is a suggestion for you Dave, get a job and contribute to society.

7 February 2007 13:48  
Anonymous LemonHead said...

Here here. . .
when has action like this ever succeded? It's just an excuse for a bunch of vagrant freeloaders to claim they are contributing to society!

7 February 2007 13:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another suggestion for you Dave, have you thought about who the hell you are fighting? Fight npower, not its workers, they are just earning a wage. Police, sucurity and balifs should not be your target, they are working too. What about you Dave?

11 February 2007 20:36  

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