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Sunday, 23 July 2006

Woolworths Before

This is the Pirates of the Caribbean display at the Abingdon Woolworths Store.

Tesco are reportedly thriving, while other traders like Woolworths find conditions more difficult. People are likely to buy the things they could get from Woolworths at Tesco while doing the food shopping: childrens clothing, light bulbs, DVDs, computer games, the washing-up bowl and mop.

The aisles in Tesco are wide, and in Woolworths the aisles are too narrow to let child buggies pass . Still Woolworths must do a fairly good trade particularly coming up to Christmas. But they didn't catch on to the recent world cup bonanza.

Yesterday, Woolworths closed their doors for ten days. Red crates were stacked up ready for the stock to be cleared away.

Here is the old sign with the missing letter H at the side of the shop - for old times sake. All the windows have been blanked out, and signs put up saying "Your fantastic new look WOOLWORTHS opens - Tuesday 1st August 10:00 AM". Woolworths are revamping 100 of their 600 stores this year.

In the States I read on Wikipedia that in 1997, F. W. Woolworth Company converted itself into a sporting retailer, closing its remaining retail stores operating under the "Woolworth's brand name and renaming itself Venator Group." But the chain are still going in the UK, and looking at ways they can still compete in the 21st Century.


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