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Abingdon is probably the oldest town in Britain - continuously inhabited since the Iron Age. Abingdon is seven miles downstream from Oxford on the River Thames. The Abingdon Blog is a photo record of events and places in Abingdon - mostly every day.

Friday, 28 July 2006

Central South News

The lead story on this evening's Central News was "Summer Sizzler." After another week of sunshine, the intrepid reporter visited some people who are having to work in this heat: an air conditioning company who are running low on stock, a laundrette, and hottest of all: A Blacksmith. Then we went back to the cool studio where Wesley said it would be too cold without a jacket.

Wesley Smith has been reporting and reading the news for the Central South region since ther studios first moved to Abingdon in 1989. He is a well known face . But his future is in doubt. He was the face of Central South News but will he be the face of the new Thames Valley News?

Before 1989 the local news came from a central region studio in Birmingham, and so events like the Abingdon bun throwing could get easily missed amongst big city stories. Then in 1989, the southern end of the Central region was given its own studio, costing £5M, and located in the Abingdon Business Park. Now after 17 years , ITV have decided that the area covered from the Abingdon studio (stretching from Winchester to Banbury and from Swindon to Bracknell) does not make geograpical sense.


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