Swan Upping 2017

Swan Upping 2017
On Friday 21st July 2017 the annual Swan Upping arrived at Abingdon, completing a five day journey up the Thames.
Swan Upping 2017
2017 was a relatively good year with more swans counted than the previous three years.
Swan Upping 2017
At Abingdon Marina two cygnets and a father swan were caught near the slipway. Their mother was nowhere to be seen.
Swan Upping 2017
David Barber, the Queen’s Swan Marker, and the Queen’s swan uppers were accompanied by swan uppers from both the Vintners’ and Dyers’ livery companies. Some swans are marked for the Queen and others for the Vintners’ or Dyers’ depending on parentage.
Swan Upping 2017
The swan and cygnets were assessed for signs of disease and injury, then weighed and ringed with identification numbers. Mr Barber gave a few white feathers, that had come loose from the adult swan, to a child who had held one of the cygnets.
Swan Upping 2017
The two cygnets were claimed for the Queen by Mr Barber, although the Dyers’ also tried to make a claim.
Swan Upping 2017
The flotilla of six traditional skiffs then rowed off back across the Marina to the Thames – they were rejoined by the three motor boats that give support and provide the occasional tow.
Swan Upping 2017
The end of the journey was at Abingdon Bridge where people had gathered. @TheAbingdonTaxi was there on the bridge – reporting directly on Twitter. He had already seen pictures, on Twitter, from @wbGabbleRatchet who was at the Marina.
Swan Upping 2017
At Abingdon Bridge the skiffs came together and the company stood up to toast the Queen.

A minute or so later they disembarked, and David Barber was talking on his mobile phone. Then he gave another interview to a lady from the press. A lot of his job is education and public relations to help raise awareness and protect swans. I think he said to her 134 cygnets this year.

Finally, a pleasure cruiser came under the bridge – ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ blaring out. One of the passengers made as if they were conducting the assembled throng on the bridge.

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Plastic bags can now be used to line food waste bins

Thanks to VWHDC for a press release this evening.
Closing Down
From now on the citizens of Abingdon will be allowed to use thin plastic bags to line food waste bins. That includes shopping bags, bread wrappers, and white bin liners. Up until now only pale green compostable bags have been allowed and they are expensive and can easily tear.

Food waste is collected weekly from Abingdon and taken to a processing plant near Wallingford to be turned into fertilizer and gas. The processing plant is now able to remove the plastic bags and send them to another energy recovery facility.

This new freedom is not a license to put half a pack of bacon – still in its packaging – into the food waste bin.

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Joncare showroom Closing Down

Closing Down
The Joncare showroom, in the Radley Road Industrial Estate in Abingdon, is having a closing down sale of various daily living aids such as mobility scooters and walkers.

Joncare was established in 1978 by John Prout, an engineer. John created some of the original and innovative Joncare product to meet the diverse and special needs of children with physical disabilities

Another company selling aids called BES Rehab Ltd acquired Joncare in 2016.

Last time I looked down the Radley Road Industrial Estate, about half the businesses were to do with cars: servicing, repairs, MOTs, tyres, car wash, and Taxis. I got my car MOT’d and serviced down there as Belingers have moved to Didcot. A lot of other Vauxhall owners apparently did the same.

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Next Generation Car Park Ticket Machine

Carpark Ticket Machine
A next generation ticket machine has appeared at the Civic Car Park in Abingdon. As well as the new £1 coin it will also be able to take contactless payments, and Chip and Pin cards. So motorists staying more than the two hours free parking have lots of options including paying for their parking via the Connect Cashlesss mobile phone app.

The new machine even opened the coin slot when I made a movement nearby. I have not heard it speak yet but would not be surprised if it has that capability.

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The week ahead: sales, school holidays, swan upping, and wasps

the week ahead
There are a lot of clothing sales in Abingdon at the moment, as seen here at New Look.

Next door Valentina, part of Bury Street since 2014, has recently closed.

Thomas Cook have ‘Summer 2018′ advertised, as well as last minute deals for this year.
the week ahead
“Schools Out for Summer!” this Friday. That coincides with the arrival of the Swan Uppers in Abingdon.

Also this week will be a chance to start collecting the first blackberries before the wasps get them.

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