Abingdon For All and Guildhall Petition

Abingdon For All
At Preston Road Community Centre this afternoon people came along for the second event in “Abingdon For All,” the Community Led Plan for the town, run by the Town Council.

There was a big map on which people could put green, red or yellow numbered stickers showing what they liked, disliked, and hoped for the town. Most of the stickers were clumped round the town centre.
Abingdon For All
People could also fill in more detailed surveys. There are online surveys anybody can fill in – if you did not manage to go to the event.
Abingdon For All
The Town Council were also looking for people to get involved in various ways to drive the project forward.
Abingdon For All
Outside the centre there were also people getting signatures for a petition.

The petition read “THE ABBEY HALL and GUILDHALL

1. We wish the Town Council to renovate the ABBEY HALL, as promised. We want the residue of the Vale grant to be invested to help fund a large town centre space to serve a growing population of 38,000 people. The Hall is needed for civic functions, for Abingdon’s many clubs and societies, and for activities for all ages. It should have disabled access to public rooms. A cinema space would be good.

Do not sell the Abbey Hall for development.

2. We need the Council to maintain and preserve the beautiful and historic GUILDHALL and its 18th century staircase intact for future generations.

The online petition is at http://chn.ge/2wkAH4V

18 Comments September 16, 2017

Vineyard closed to traffic for 5 nights from 25th September 2017

Signs have appeared on the Vineyard in Abingdon warning that the road will be closed for 5 nights from 25th September.

There will be traffic signals from Wednesay 20th to Friday 22 September, 8pm to 6am, for preparatory work – replacing damaged kerbs and manholes.
Then the road will be closed for 5 nights from 25th September for resurfacing and re-painting the road markings.
During the closure bus services will be diverted , and cars will need to find another way round.

5 Comments September 15, 2017

Hotel to have new wing

Hotel to have Markeover
Work is beginning on the Oxford Abingdon Hotel near Tesco, in what the hotel website describes as a ‘refurbishment‘. They say on their blog ‘The full make-over will be finalised by Autumn 2018.
Hotel to have Markeover
Hoarding are being put up to allow work to begin on the new wing.
Hotel to have Markeover
The hotel will then be re-branded as a Hilton Garden Inn.

The existing hotel accomodation (slightly dwarfed in this picture by the new wing) will continue to operate during that time. The hotel website says… ‘The hotel’s reception and breakfast area will both be relocated and we will be offering all guests complimentary continental breakfast. Evening meals will not be available; we can, however, recommend local eateries.’

13 Comments September 14, 2017

Independent Shops Project

Dapper Street
A couple of people emailed me back in March of this year to say that both Outdoor Traders and Dapper Street would be closing. That prediction has now come to pass.

In July of this year The Vale of White Horse District Council launched “ the Independent Shops Project which will see key partners working with the council to develop initiatives to support independent businesses in the town centre.”

“The scheme will develop a target list of the types of businesses which would complement the independent offering in the town centre. The district council will then work with landlords and agents to identify and overcome issues which may prevent businesses from moving into the town’s empty shops, particularly those in Bath Street, Stert Street and the High Street.

Iain Nicholson, a town centre specialist who has worked wonders in Wantage, has been brought in to manage the project and is looking for a suitable empty premises for pop-up shops. Iain set up Choose Abingdon almost a decade ago so knows the town well.

14 Comments September 13, 2017

Abingdon Beds has moved

Abingdon Beds have moved
Abingdon Beds has moved from their old chapel shop in Spring road
Abingdon Beds have moved
to a new showroom along Marcham Road, next to Majestic Wines. The new premises was previously Honda Abingdon Motorbikes – before that business moved to Nuffield Way.
Abingdon Beds have moved
The new showroom will allow Gareth and Ashley Alsworth, the owners of Abingdon Beds, to greatly increase the number of beds and other furniture they can display, and make parking for customers easier.

Good Luck to them!

3 Comments September 12, 2017

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