1936 Annual from Our Lady’s School, Abingdon, becomes World News

February 20, 2016

1936 Annual
Last week, one news story from Abingdon got promulgated around the world. It concerned the 1936 Annual from Our Lady’s School in Abingdon. A clue found by an American scholar led to a search in the school archives for THE “ANNUAL”, where two forgotten poems by J.R.R Tolkein were discovered.
1936 Annual
The poems included the Shadow Man and a festive poem ‘Noel’. Tolkein, a Roman Catholic, was professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University, when he formed the friendship with the Abingdon school.

A school exhibition is planned where the poems will be displayed alongside other interesting artifacts.

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  • 1. emmgee  |  February 20, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    Thank you for including this in your blog.
    I heard a little about it yesterday and am glad to read more.

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