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Large Crane

Official Guide
Anybody travelling along the Marcham Road will see the large crane in the grounds of the soon to be expanded Oxford Abingdon Hotel.
Official Guide
The first thing that struck me is that the long jib sticks out as far as Homebase. It is a wonder it does not topple over.

I will be back in a couple of months time to see how the building has started to grow.

5 Comments February 22, 2018

Abingdon born film maker vists ABCD FILM SOCIETY on Feb 22nd

Thanks to Mike for this …
Official Guide
Ian Wiblin, who hails from Abingdon, is to visit Abingdon’s local film club on Februray 22 to present The View from our House, which he co-directed with Anthea Kennedy. The film, made in 2013, is a thoughtful, engrossing and quietly moving ‘film essay’ based in part on the memories, unsent letters and notebooks of a young Jewish woman who lived in 1930s Berlin, and then fled to the UK, where she became a successful photographer.

The film was shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and at venues, including the Whitechapel Gallery, London, and at the Liverpool ‘Look15′ International Festival of Photography.

Ian Wiblin, in addition to his film work, has exhibited work internationally as a photographer over many years. He is currently a lecturer on film and photography at the University of South Wales.

The event is at 7.45pm on February 22nd at the Abingdon Health and Wellbeing Centre, Audlett Drive, Abingdon OX14 3GD. Admission is £6 (£3 full time students).

To contact ABCD for a copy of the programme, email or phone 01235 521976/522163. The website with full details is

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Official Guide

Official Guide
The brand new 2018 edition of the Abingdon-on-Thames Official Guide and Map plopped through the door today. It is full of useful information.
Official Guide
On Saturday I picked up a 1924 town guide from Oxfam. It contained a history of the town, with lots of black and white views of the town, most of which are still easy to recognise. The first few and last few pages were dedicated to adverts.
Official Guide
I would not recognise 131 Ock Street from the picture,with the open display of meat. (© William H Hooke. All Rights Reserved).

In recent months the conversion of 131 from a shop front to a house front has been completed.

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Gas pipeline upgrades round the Albert Park

New pipes for old
Work to replace ageing gas mains around the Albert Park in Abingdon began last week and will continue for a couple more weeks (correction see comments).
New pipes for old
On Sunday the gate leading to the park area from Faringdon Road was open to help make up for the from Victoria Road being closed.

8 Comments February 19, 2018

Mud Path at the Open Air Pool

Mud Path
Work progresses on redeveloping the Open Air Pool at the Abbey Meadows. But with so many lorries coming and going along the path, to the service entrance round the side, the mud keeps getting churned up.
Mud Path
Other than work people, there are people going to the Abbey Brass Band hut who use the path – either to one of the training bands, or the senior band.

There was the problem of the dark as well, but a light has recently been added and improved matters a little. Gravel is sometimes put down, but it soon gets churned by the next few lorries.

One parent, who takes their son to band practice every week, suggested boards would have helped. Another band member told me there used to be a drier way round the edge but even that has become muddy. Wellington Boots are a necessity.

2 Comments February 18, 2018

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