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Record number of buses seen along St Aldates

Thanks to Steve for this ..,
Silver and Pink
Next time we complain about traffic jams in Abingdon we ought to spare a thought for Oxford City Centre now that Queen Street is virtually bus free. Many of the buses have been re-routed to make way for the new – soon to open – Westgate Shopping Centre

This was the scene in St Aldates at 3.30pm today.

Steve counted 16 buses including a couple heading down the Abingdon Road to Abingdon – joined by all these other buses going to other places.

The situation has probably not been helped by repairs being carried out to the Folly Bridge. Work there is due to be completed at about the time the Westgate Shopping Centre reopens in another months time. So we will see then how the bus situation works out then.

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Silver and Pink

Silver and Pink
The Abingdon Silver Group have an open evening on Wednesday 27th September at John Mason School.
Silver and Pink
There will be a splash of Pink on the Market Place on Saturday 7th October.

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The Upper Reaches

Thanks to John for the pictures. On discovering a video game called the Upper Reaches my imagination got carried away. The Upper Reaches has been boarded up now for well over two years now …
The Upper Reaches
The Upper Reaches has three levels to explore with around 50 boarded up rooms,
The Upper Reaches
There are many high fences to keep you out, overgrown gardens, and a water mill entered through a watery cavern.
The Upper Reaches
Horrible monsters, from giant weeds to killer rats, lurk in the overgrown carpark.
The Upper Reaches
Discover the secrets of  the nearby monastery,  and the Old Gaol where Broad Face glowers menacingly where he was hung.

What of all those donations that pilgrims made to the Abbot over the years? Are they still buried beneath the Abbey Gardens? There could be a sizable horde. Discover the healing potion unknown to modern science made by the last apothecary – or something even more intriguing in the boarded up rooms of The Upper Reaches.

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The Cricket and Caravan seasons are Over. Croquet Continues …

Thames Valley Croquet Club
Premature leaf fall caused by the Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner has given an early autumn look in some places like these trees overlooking the Abingdon Vale Cricket Club.
Thames Valley Croquet Club
The cricket season is over. Abingdon Vale beat Tiddington by 7 Wickets in their last match.

The Caravan Club season must also be drawing to a seasonal close.
Thames Valley Croquet Club
Members of Thames Valley Croquet Club lined up for lunch at their Annual Barbecue on Friday 15th September at the Abingdon Vale Cricket Club, and  after a lunch had a few games of golf croquet. But they are not stopping there …

The Croquet Club play throughout the year, on Mondays and Fridays 1.30pm – 4.30pm in the Summer and 11am – 2.30pm in Winter. For more details, please give Mike a ring on 01235203082 or drop in to the Club and make yourself known. Membership fees are modest.

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Abingdon Camera Club – two exhibitions

Abingdon Camera Club
The Abingdon Camera Club under 16s, and adult, open competition winners have been on display for the last week in the Abingdon Free Space window. Apology for the reflections.
Abingdon Camera Club
There is also an exhibition by members of the club at 35 Ock Street for the next few weeks.
Abingdon Camera Club
At meeting of the club members each show a couple of pictures and get feedback.

Members range from expert photographers to beginners, and they hope at their meetings, with friendly feedback, that all will find ways to improve how they take and edit pictures. You can find out more at

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