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Abingdon Air and Country Show 2014

Air and Country Show 6
The Abingdon Air and Country show, at Dalton Barracks, attracted large crowds on May 4th 2014. The skies were clear and the sunny weather ideal for watching airplanes, walking round the stalls, and viewing all the vehicles on show. Any profits go to a good cause.
Air and Country Show 1
BBC Radio Oxford were broadcasting from the show. As part of their regular visits round the places in Oxfordshire their week in Abingdon co-coincided with the show. More about Abingdon from them next week.
Air and Country Show 3
I see in the Oxford Mail that there is an estimated crowd of up to 20,000, the biggest ever by all accounts.
Air and Country Show 5
The Brietling Wingwalkers were back for about the third year.
Air and Country Show 7
There are more picture on the Abingdon Blog Facebook page where Colin, one of the organisers says “Huge thanks to the many thoud=sands who supported the show today…I think I’m right in saying everyone had a great time.”

Any money raised goes to the Air Ambulance and other charities like the Royal British Legion.

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Preview of Atom!

The Abingdon Science Festival is only a week away. There is a display in the Community Shop Window
There is also a blackboard outside Mostly Books.
The event is called ATOM! and there are various events:

Converscience on Thursday 20th March at St Helen and St Katherine School. Robin Ince – commedian and host of R4s infinite monkey cage will host a light hearted science discussion.

Schools Science Fair in the Guildhall on 21st am.

A science “Hiring Fair” at the Guildhall on 21st in the evening.

Talk by Jim Al Khali from Radio 4 on quantum biology the evening of 21st in the Amey Theatre, Abingdon School.

Visualise : Magic and illusion family science show in Guildhall 22nd (several performances).

Science Market and science buskers all day in Market Square on 22nd.
It could be the first and only science festival in the world to have its own beer with Loose Cannon brewing ATOM!

More details on

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Retro Fair Returns to Guildhall

Ruby’s Vintage & Retro Fair was back at the Guildhall yesterday.

There was a lady doing retro hair styling. There was also lots of retro clothes for the ladies, fewer for the men – most that had stood the test of time.

Old schoolroom posters were on sale. The attraction of retro fairs is that we can see and buy objects that remind us of younger days, whether that be the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s.

The retro fair will be back twice more in 2014.

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Second Evening of the Fair

Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
The Narrows opened during the second day of the Fair and looked to be doing a roaring trade.

However some things never change in Abingdon. There was Bell Ringing Practice on Tuesday evening at St Nics. At times they were edging it against the pumping volume of the Fairground.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
Down West St Helen Street there was Pudding Night at Rosie’s Tea Room. On the menu was: poached pear with chocolate sauce, treacle tart with clotted cream, Eve’s pudding with custard – they were not tempted by candy floss or toffee apples just up the road.

And after a poor start to the season, and what seems to have been a radical change of players to cut costs, Abingdon United got their first league win, a half mile from the fair.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
Thanks to Rob for sending some pictures of the Fair which has had two good days this year, and has drawn big crowds.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
There were no live gold fish prizes to be won this year, but plenty of cuddly toys.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
Easily the most popular creature in 2013 were Minions.

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The Abingdon Fair Mile

Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
Last night we kicked off the Fair with the Annual Fair Service. Rev’d Richard Bittleston, from Trinity, gave the message, which was “Enjoy the Fair!”
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
Lots of people have taken that sentiment to heart whether they heard him or not.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
The Mayor said at the start of the service “It is probably Abingdon’s biggest event.”

The logistics is organised by Fair people who do this sort of thing all year round, although not always in quite such a tight space.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
Some of the rides have just come from Nottingham Goose Fair which only ended yesterday, so their spaces need to be kept ready.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
Abingdon Town Council are the main local organisers. We get a letter every year telling us of road changes and that the fire service could take longer to reach us in case of emergency so to check the smoke alarms.
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
The Fair all looked very successful as I walked the Abingdon Fair Mile along Ock Street and back again.

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