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Abingdon Fair – 2014 – A What’s On

The morning rain cleared, and by late afternoon patches of blue sky appeared. Sunlight even dazzled some fair goers as the sun went down. The crowds of fair goers included mostly young families at first, young adults predominated later on.
Abingdon Fair Monday
There was one new ride this year at the top of Ock Street – called Star Flyer. It is like a giant version of ‘chair o planes’.
Abingdon Fair Monday
As always there were many activities for the children that parents could watch and photograph.
Abingdon Fair Monday
Then there were the stalls selling candy floss, burgers and chips, donuts, and other fun fair foods.

There were games of chance. You could win a prize by throwing darts, shooting a rifle or bow, or throwing balls at great speed at coconuts. There was a hook-a-duck, a hook-a-whale, and a hook-a-super-hero, and an amusement arcade.

There were also the smaller vendors with helium balloons, glow sticks or glow whirls -things for the children to take home.
Abingdon Fair Monday
We don’t have shows at The Abingdon Fair in 2014, unlike 100 years ago in 1914, but there is a fortune teller in a caravan: Gypsy Maria Lee started telling fortunes at a young age, having inherited the gift from her mother who inherited the gift from her mother … all the way back from the original Gypsy Lee.
Abingdon Fair Monday
Larger rides this year included: Woodford’s Golden Galloping Horses, Bodycount, Meteorite, Walzer, Tagado, Dominator, Powershot, Superbowl, Tornado 2, Twister,
Abingdon Fair Monday
STORM, Extreme, Froggit, Crazy Bulls, Roller, Star Flyer…
Abingdon Fair Monday
and dodgems. By the way I was asked to mention “The Oxfordshire County Council hearing on the proposed Crossing changes on Ock Street and Marcham Road will be held next Thurs 9th in Oxford at 10.30am. It is too late for written comment now but if anyone wished to speak, they would need to give one day`s notice.”

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Fairground Service marks the Start of Abingdon Fair

Fairground Service
As usual Abingdon Fair has been well publicised with posters in shops, and dayglo boards on numerous lamp posts all over Abingdon.
Fairground Service
The road diversions were in place at about 9am and very soon after that stall holders were measuring out their pitches for stalls and setting up rides.
Fairground Service
Brian, pictured above, remembers going to the Fair as a 4 year old, which is about 60 years ago.
Fairground Service
He said there used to be huge crowds for the Fair Service at the Galloping Horses on Ock Street. In this picture taken in 1964, and shown in the North Berks Herald, there were an estimated 500 people. Rev. Graham West led the half hour service.
Fairground Service
50 years later, the Galloping Horses and the Fairground Service are in the Market Place. I’d estimate there were 120 people. Pastor Ed Evans, from the Abingdon Community Church led the half hour service.

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Abingdon Air and Country Show 2014

Air and Country Show 6
The Abingdon Air and Country show, at Dalton Barracks, attracted large crowds on May 4th 2014. The skies were clear and the sunny weather ideal for watching airplanes, walking round the stalls, and viewing all the vehicles on show. Any profits go to a good cause.
Air and Country Show 1
BBC Radio Oxford were broadcasting from the show. As part of their regular visits round the places in Oxfordshire their week in Abingdon co-coincided with the show. More about Abingdon from them next week.
Air and Country Show 3
I see in the Oxford Mail that there is an estimated crowd of up to 20,000, the biggest ever by all accounts.
Air and Country Show 5
The Brietling Wingwalkers were back for about the third year.
Air and Country Show 7
There are more picture on the Abingdon Blog Facebook page where Colin, one of the organisers says “Huge thanks to the many thoud=sands who supported the show today…I think I’m right in saying everyone had a great time.”

Any money raised goes to the Air Ambulance and other charities like the Royal British Legion.

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Preview of Atom!

The Abingdon Science Festival is only a week away. There is a display in the Community Shop Window
There is also a blackboard outside Mostly Books.
The event is called ATOM! and there are various events:

Converscience on Thursday 20th March at St Helen and St Katherine School. Robin Ince – commedian and host of R4s infinite monkey cage will host a light hearted science discussion.

Schools Science Fair in the Guildhall on 21st am.

A science “Hiring Fair” at the Guildhall on 21st in the evening.

Talk by Jim Al Khali from Radio 4 on quantum biology the evening of 21st in the Amey Theatre, Abingdon School.

Visualise : Magic and illusion family science show in Guildhall 22nd (several performances).

Science Market and science buskers all day in Market Square on 22nd.
It could be the first and only science festival in the world to have its own beer with Loose Cannon brewing ATOM!

More details on

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Retro Fair Returns to Guildhall

Ruby’s Vintage & Retro Fair was back at the Guildhall yesterday.

There was a lady doing retro hair styling. There was also lots of retro clothes for the ladies, fewer for the men – most that had stood the test of time.

Old schoolroom posters were on sale. The attraction of retro fairs is that we can see and buy objects that remind us of younger days, whether that be the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s.

The retro fair will be back twice more in 2014.

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