New Play Area almost complete

New Play Area
The new enlarged play area at the Abbey Meadows is almost complete. Over the last three or four months children have been watching it take shape.
New Play Area
The Vale of White Horse District Council said when work began that the £320,000 play area would open early summer (weather dependent) and would feature a Grand Abbey climbing area and an ‘Abingdon Lock’ river scene.
New Play Area
Some features from the past have survived. The trusty rocking horse was getting a coat of red paint over the weekend.
New Play Area
The well and some of the walls from the Crazy Golf have also survived in the new design.
New Play Area
There is lots of new equipment, for a wider age range than before. The tennis courts are now a kick about area.

The only thing I can see missing is the children.

3 Comments May 22, 2017

AYFC Festival of Football 2017

Festival of Football
Abingdon Youth FC have been hosting the annual AYFC Festival of Football over the weekend at their ground down Lambrick Way. The rugby club, alongside, have given the use of some of their ground, for parking, the event is so big.
Festival of Football
180 different teams are taking part over the weekend and are divided into the following groups:
Saturday 20th May 2017 U7, U9, U11, U13 & 15(Boys)
Sunday 21st May 2017 U8, U10, U12, U14(Boys), U13 & U14 Girls.

The Under 7s and Under 8s play 5 a-side, and the older teams play 6 a-side.

1 Comment May 21, 2017

NSPCC Volunteers on Abingdon Market Place

Outdoor Traders Closing
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is doing much work locally through our schools. As anybody who works in a school, or in a youth group, will know, child protection has been given far more attention in recent years.

Current NSPCC campaigns include keeping children safe online, preventing abuse, and rebuilding lives after abuse. The NSPCC also now runs childline.

Local NSPCC Volunteers were selling items in aid of NSPCC yesterday on the Market Place. The money raised will help child protection work to continue, locally and nationally. The national NSPCC website has more information.

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Outdoor Traders Closing

Outdoor Traders Closing
For the last nine years Outdoor Traders have run a shop on the High Street, in Abingdon, where Braggs the cycle shop used to be.

Outdoor Traders began by selling outdoor clothes, following on from the smaller Outdoor Traders shop in East St Helen Street. But the pull of the bike heritage must have been too strong in the High Street building, and the shop started to concentrate on cycles and skiing, with a cycle workshop. However the shop announced a few weeks ago, on Facebook, that they will be closing at the end of June and the owners are ‘moving to pastures new’. They thanked all their customers and friends for their support over the years. Now Closing Down signs are up.

In about 2013 the Outdoor Traders Cycle Club started up and now has over a hundred members. They are often to be seen in the distinct OTCC livery – cycling from or to the shop, or out on country lanes. They also now have a Race team. The cycling club will probably find a new base.

6 Comments May 20, 2017

By the River

By the River
This evening, as I walked along Wilsham Road, the canoes from Kingfisher Canoe Club were taking part in a training session. Behind them young cricketers were still playing despite the shower.
By the River
There was once one house on this plot, now one is almost complete and the other is growing quickly. Great river views.
By the River
Further along, next to the marina, another of the gravel lakes has recently been fenced off and turned into a private fishing lake. I think they are all now fishing lakes.

3 Comments May 18, 2017

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