2016 PCC Election

PCC Elections
In the first election for the Thames Valley Police and crime commissioner (PCC) back in 2012 the turnout was 13.3 per cent. That was thought to be disappointing.

The 2016 PCC election is the first election, that I remember, where no literature has been delivered to our door. We will wait and see the turnout with interest.

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Tesco Express 2 – five years on

The most comments ever on this blog was in July 2011 for Tesco Express 2
Tesco Express 2
Tesco had taken over the Fitzharris Arms and turned it into a Tesco Express – very close to an existing convenience store called The One Stop.
Tesco Express 2
The Ox pub was just about to go the same way, and become a Tesco Express – next door was another convenience store called Best One.

Five years on both Tesco Extras are still there as are the nearby convenience stores, although Best One is now Bargain Booze.

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Wootton Road has new Bus Shelters before the Oxford Road

Bus Shelters
New bus shelters have been installed along the Wootton Road in Abingdon. The positioning of the one outside John Mason school is a bit too close to the hedge, but apart from that they look great.
Bus Shelters
It makes the old bus shelters along the Oxford Road look like museum pieces.

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May Morning with Mr Hemmings Traditional Abingdon Morris

Like thousands of other people I decided that I would go to hear the May being greeted at Magdalen Tower at 6am on May 1st.
Mr Hemmings Traditional Abingdon Morris
Afterwards, in Radcliff Square, Mr Hemmings Traditional Abingdon Morris were performing.

This coming Saturday will be Mr Hemmings Day of Dance when 6 invited sides will join with the Mr Hemmings side in dancing at various venues, in Abingdon, starting at the Market Place. Approximate Schedule:
11am : Market Place
11:30 : Black Swan
12:00 : Punchbowl
1:45: Market Place
2:30pm : Brewery Tap
3:15pm : White Horse
4pm : British Legion

Morris Dancing is first recorded in Abingdon in 1560. A record in St Helens Church has the chamberlain buying “two dossin of Morres belles“.

This is my rather shaky video of the singing at Magdalen Tower. There were barriers preventing people jumping off the bridge. One freelance photographer bemoaned to me the lack of photo opportunities these days.

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The Abingdon Air and Country Show

The Abingdon Air and Country Show opened at 10am this May Day morning.
Abingdon Air and Country Show
Being the first of the month I also wanted to take part in the City Daily Photo Theme day – The May 1st Theme is Smell.

‘Huskies In Need’ are a specialised charity that try to re-home rescued Huskies. They had a dozen dogs, at the show, that were smelling the ground, smelling people’s hands, and smelling each other. There were an awful lot of smells around. For them it would have been an easy theme. But taking a picture of smell was difficult.
Abingdon Air and Country Show
To me, with my underdeveloped sense of smell, the most obvious smell was the mix of steam and oil from the small traction engines. I hope this gives you a whiff of it.
Abingdon Air and Country Show
There were stalls by groups interested in recent military history. This lady is a clerical auxiliary to an Oxfordshire Home Guard unit. The typewriter is an original made by the Imperial Typewriter Co. Ltd. Leicester, England. Those were the days when Leicester were more known for their office equipment than their football team.
Abingdon Air and Country Show
Owners of Vintage Cars don’t get in for free (correction after George’s comment). They sat around catching up with each other’s news, while exhibiting their brightly polished cars.
Abingdon Air and Country Show
In the central arena there were a variety of Country Show entertainments, including a visit from the mounted police. Their horses demonstrated that they could play football with a very large ball, jump fences in unison, and not get panicked by people waving a flag, banging a drum and shouting, ‘Make Peace not War!’
Abingdon Air and Country Show
By the time the three hour air display began, at 1:30pm, clouds had blocked out most of the blue sky. A Hurricane and Spitfire from the Battle of Britain memorial flight were on at 3pm, having flown over from Lincolnshire.
Abingdon Air and Country Show
Next year’s show could be quite different if the UK does choose to Exit the EU. Many of the laws governing air shows probably come from Brussels. So who knows what a BREXIT Abingdon Air and Country Show will be like.

More pictures on the Abingdon Blog Facebook Page.

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