Bus stop seating, a rusting post pox, and lots of weeds

Abingdon High Street
Thanks to Diana for sending me this picture. A community minded individual has provided seats at the bus stop on the Vineyard.
Abingdon High Street
Anne sent me a picture of a rusting postbox off Preston Road,
Abingdon High Street
and some of the weeds also growing along Preston Road.

I suspect we need to get Royal Mail to paint the postbox. Local Councillors or local people can pressure them with letters, emails or phone calls.

The weeds on the highway are the responsibility of the County Council but they have no budget for such things. But you could try writing to them. The Town Council did use to put money aside for weed killing but there were issues with having to use environmentally friendly poisons, and how long they last. In any case the town council is too busy considering Rainbow flags and the Guildhall development.

Personally, I would just pull up the worse weeds myself if they are easy to pull, or write to the district council and ask their advice about organising a local working party using local volunteers.

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A green bus shelter

Abingdon High Street
When most of the bus shelters in Abingdon got painted black, about six years ago, one bus shelter escaped. It can be found where Landseer Walk comes out on Preston Road. The shelter has not seen a lick of paint in decades, but is not completely forgotten. The 41 – South Abingdon Town Service – stops there.

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King Dick Abingdon

Abingdon High Street
I sometimes look at images of Abingdon from Ebay where postcards and other collectibles are for sale. Very occasionally I will buy a vintage postcard.

Search for ‘Abingdon’ on Ebay and you will also find: MG memorabilia, Abingdon Town Football programmes and badges, Abingdon vases, and books produced by the Abingdon Press.
King Dick of Abingdon
There are also a lot of King Dick Abingdon spanners and wrenches.
King Dick of Abingdon
Somebody today is trying to sell a 1950s advert for King Dick tools. They were made at the Abingdon Works in Birmingham.
King Dick of Abingdon
Going further back you find vintage motorcycles called Abingdon King Dick or AKD.

Does anybody know the missing link between Birmingham based King Dick Abingdon and Abingdon-on-Thames?

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Morland Gardens junction taking shape

Morland Gardens junction taking shape
The junction from the Morland Gardens development to the Drayton Road has taken shape over the last few weeks (this is the controversial development of 158 dwellings in a field just south of Abingdon). Posts for traffic lights have been erected, and utilities have been connected. The new dropped curbs currently go nowhere,
Morland Gardens junction taking shape
but soon they will take people to the new bus lay-by towards Abingdon and Oxford.
Morland Gardens junction taking shape
The view from the twin towns estate has changed with tree tops being replaced by roof tops. The rusting museum piece vehicles that block up Lucca Drive will NOT (correction after comments) one day give way to a path for pedestrians and cycles.

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Treasure your town’s Treasures at Abingdon’s Heritage Festival

Heritage Open Days
Abingdon County Hall Museum have their last Dinasaur Stomp this coming Wednesday, exploring the land that time forgot. This is part of the activities put on by the museum for the summer holidays.
Heritage Open Days
Then a week after going back to school, Abingdon is turning Medieval on September 10th as part of Heritage Open Days. The 1st Stone of Abingdon Bridge was laid 600 years ago and the festival are celebrating the anniversary. There are leaflets in the museum to tell you all that is happening. There is also the Abingdon Heritage website and the national Heritage Day Site – where you can search Abingdon among other national treasures.

There is not just the medieval festival, but also lots more:

  • Fifteen properties in Abingdon open for free
  • An exhibition of Abingdon in the 1950s (the week before to remember the Queen’s visit)
  • Tours of Culham Science Centre / JET (book in advance by 8th September)
  • A talk by Jackie Smith about the history of Abingdon Bridge (on 8th September)
  • Walks
  • A bell ringing demonstration (part of over 500 bell ringing events during Heritage Open Days nationally).

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