Summer Reading – keeps the mind sharp

Summer Reading
Private Peaceful is the Abingdon Community Read this summer as promoted by Our Ladies Abingdon. They are hoping that people will read and leave comments abut the book.
Summer Reading
Abingdon Library has a Summer Reading Challenge, with postcards you can fill in:

  • Tell us about a book you’ve read…
  • Which three books would you recommend?
  • What is your personal reading challenge this year?

Mostly Books and The Abingdon Bookstore are promoting both these events, and Mostly Books has its own summer reading special.

The Head Teacher of the school where I am a Governor signed off the end of term newsletter, after goodbyes to Year 6’s, with “Have a great summer and please ensure that your children read daily, it keeps the mind sharp!”

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New Science Centres

Good Teachers
One of the big differences between Independent Schools and State Schools is the amount of money that the Independents can invest in their schools.

Abingdon School are currently building a Science Centre – thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors, parents, and former pupils, and the leadership of their Head and governors.
Good Teachers
Work has begun.
Good Teachers
Nearby at St Helen and St Katherine – another Independent School in Abingdon, the new Science Centre should be up and ready after the summer holidays.

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Swan Upping 2014

Swan Upping
The Swan Uppers completed their five day annual census of swans in Abingdon-on-Thames this afternoon.
Swan Upping
They caught a swan and 5 cygnets off Wilsham Road in Abingdon.
Swan Upping
Swan Upping is partly ceremonial and partly scientific. Swans are rounded up, caught, marked, and then released.
Swan Upping
There were more swans on the Thames this year than last.
Swan Upping
The ceremonial part ended at Abingdon Bridge with a toast to ‘The Queen’.

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Abingdon (Borough) Roll of Service

Roll of Service
In the Local Studies section of Abingdon Library there is a copy of the August 1914 to June 1919 Abingdon (Borough) Roll of Service, on top of the filing cabinet.

It names all the Abingdon men who served in the First World War. Those in bold type were killed. Those with an asterix were wounded. The roll shows address, rank, and regiment. The picture above shows the As and some of the Bs.

Mike Badcock was on the front page of the Abingdon Herald this week saying that The Roll will be read as part of a special ceremony on August 4th 2014 – 100 years after the start of the First World War. He is looking for family members to read.

Organisers of Abingdon Heritage Weekend (September 13-14) are looking for pictures of those on the roll, and Abingdon at that time. The Roll of Service, together with pictures, will be displayed over Heritage Weekend, in tribute to those who served in the war. If you have a photograph of an Abingdon relation who was involved in WW1 in any way please bring it along to Abingdon Library. The photograph does not have to show the person in uniform. The staff at Abingdon Library are happy to scan original photographs

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Thanks to Tony and Steve who sent me pictures of different boats grounded opposite Wilsham road.
Tony says “Walkers watched as a young man jumped into the Thames and tugged on a rope, trying to pull his boat free after it had beached (on the wrong side of the green buoys) opposite the Ferry Boat House on Wilsham Road. His efforts were in vain.
A friendly boat tried to tug the boat free and failed.
Some other Good Samaritans clearly knew a thing or two about boats, and tried a different tactic. They pulled the stranded boat’s nose round at right angles to the bank, and she was free! …. and able to resume her journey – on the correct side of the channel this time.”
Back in June, Steve sent me a picture of “a cabin cruiser stuck fast on the sand bank opposite Wilsham Road with another just about to tow it off.”

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