Brave Cancer Research UK campaigners

Cancer Research UK
Some brave Cancer Research UK people were on the Market Place this morning. They were giving out flowers and balloons, and collecting money and raising awareness.

Upcoming fund raisers include a mens 5k run on March 12th at Oxford Rugby Club, and Relay for LIfe – an overnight community event on  the weekend of August 20th/21st , also at Oxford Rugby Club, that celebrates cancer survivors, and remembers those lost to cancer with a moving Candle of Hope Ceremony.

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The Nags Head written in Roof Tiles

The Nags Head
“The Nags Head” is written in the roof tiles above the pub – after the recent roof job.

Next time Tim Peake peers down on Abingdon, from the International Space Station, I wonder if he will be able to make out the pub’s name.

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Day 3 of the Inspector’s Stage 2 Examination of the Vale of White Horse Local Plan

There have flyers about a new Community School opening in North Abingdon. I do not know whether it has any relation to the new primary school in the draft local plan. The proposed Opening Date is September 2017.
Information and Survey at

Also thanks to Hester for the following written a few days ago …

I attended Day 3 of the Inspector’s Stage 2 Examination of the Vale of White Horse Local Plan on Thursday to hear the discussion on the proposed development sites around Abingdon. It was an interesting experience: I had thought it might be very legalistic and boring in places, but this was not the case – largely due to the fact that the Inspector, Malcolm Rivett, had a sense of humour and handed the proceedings with a light and friendly manner. It was billed as a “round-table” discussion, but there were around 30 people at the table (representing various local councils, also the Council for the Protection of Rural England, other interest groups and the various developers) so it needed careful management. There were probably around 20 observers.

The previous day’s discussions had been about the Green Belt: it appears that this was quite contentious as the Vale, County and City Councils all have their own take on it. No doubt we will hear more of this when the Inspector makes his report. Most of Thursday morning was taken up by discussion of the proposals for East Hanney, Radley and Kennington, all of which are being strongly opposed by their Parish Councils and by groups concerned with the Green Belt and the environment. I had to leave before the discussions on the two North Abingdon sites (along Dunmore Road and part of Twelve Acre Drive) but I am told that the main concerns raised were over transport and air quality. These sites are currently in the Sunningwell and Radley parishes but would probably be moved into Abingdon if they go ahead: as I understand it Abingdon Town Council is not opposing them, so were not present.

One particularly interesting area of discussion was the cumulative effect of all the individual proposals in the area just to the North of Abingdon – not just those under discussion at present, but also the upgrades to the Lodge Hill interchange and ideas which have been mooted by the County Council in relation to a park and ride and possibly a lorry stopover area at Lodge Hill. Concerns were expressed not just about the effects on transport and the environment, but also on the “deliverability” of all the proposals within the specified 5 years: someone wondered whether there would be sufficient building materials and skilled labour to build that number of houses in this area in that time. These are key issues for the Inspector and will presumably be discussed in more detail at the sessions on 16 – 18 February.

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Changes in the Town Centre this Lunchtime

Smarts Fish and Chips have reopened in the town centre after a closure for refurbishment that lasted several months.
The large new unit in Bury Street is being fitted out for Superdrug to move in next to Boots. It has been empty since being built during 2013.

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Lent Project – The Abingdon Bridge

Lent runs from now until Easter. Each year a different Charity is adopted for the Trinity Church Lent Project – to raise money, and find out about, and pray for the charity.
Lent Project
On Sunday at Trinity, Chris Bryan, chair of trustees, told us of the work of The Abingdon Bridge – this year’s Lent Project.
Lent Project
Chris says the charity moved to The old County Police Station in May 2014. He said their name can be sometimes misunderstood. They are not a Bridge Club; nor do they brew Abingdon Bridge beer, nor maintain the nearby Abingdon Bridge over the Thames. They are not a care home. Nor are they the Police Station able to sort out the Abingdon Traffic problems.

They were set up in 1993 as a young persons drop in centre. Since then the charity has evolved, and now they do a lot of work with vulnerable young people, often facing challenging circumstances. Last year they helped 83 individuals in 1375 sessions.

A lot of their work is done as outreach at other locations in Abingdon. They have qualified staff who provide information, advice, and counselling to young people.

They are dependent on donations for their work. That includes fairly large donations such as recent ones from Frilford Heath Golf Club, and the Manor School. We shall see how much the Lent Project raises in the next few weeks.

Find out more about The Abingdon Bridge here. Maybe, make it your Lent Project.

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