Abingdon County Market Future in Doubt

Tha Abingdon County Market Stall were busy selling home produced cakes and jams at the Farmer’s Market this morning in Abingdon.

The Country Market recently stopped their weekly Market at the Guildhall, but continued to trade at the Farmers Market. However, today they were upset by news that they are no longer wanted at the Farmer’s Market, even though they were founding members 15 years ago. Their presence does enhance the Farmer’s Market in Abingdon, and they would be greatly missed, so I hope a way can be found to continue to allow them to trade alongside the Farmer’s Market.

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New Abingdon Landmark – Blocked Alleyway

This alleyway was blocked off to prevent young people making a quick getaway from the police at Reynolds Way shops about ten years ago. It features in a documentary about Young Reoffenders in the UK – filmed in Abingdon.

Whereas the number of young people getting into a life a crime is dropping, there are young people in their twenties already into a cycle of repeat offending.

They are the feature of The Documentary The UK’s Young Reoffenders: Rule Britannia (which contains bad language). This documentary could have been made in many towns but they found willing participants here.

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King Craft Boats are back where they belong

I see that the Hire Boats are back at Nags Head Island. I did see on the internet that the day boats operated by King Craft at Abingdon Boat Centre were for sale , and there was the worry there would be no hire boats in Abingdon next year. So it is good to see they are back.

I gather that the Nags Head Island theatre and footbridge project that we heard about in the Spring is not going to happen.

But there is another rumour circulating that Salter Steamers have acquired Abingdon Boat Centre.

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Marcham Road Crossings Decision by Oxfordshire County Council

Councillor Neil Fawcett tweeted today
“Sadly the County Council Cabinet voted unanimously to allow the moving of the Marcham Road crossing #Abingdon”

Initially Oxfordshire County Council rejected the crossings, then at a second hearing reversed that decision and allowed the moving of the crossings. That decision was  referred back to the Cabinet for this final decision.

The lights will consequently move  from where they can be seen currently to where the nearest car is speeding.

Moving the pedestrian lights was proposed by the developers as a traffic mitigation measure so that traffic congestion after the development of 159 dwellings on Drayton Road is no worse than before. The area already suffers traffic congestion, and has done for decades, and local people want real road improvements before any further development.

The Leader of The Vale of White Horse District Council is still looking to get legal advice about whether any further avenues are still open to oppose the crossings,

33 Comments December 17, 2014

Wilsham Road buildings are getting taller

Looking across the River Thames towards Wilsham Road, there are plans to make the buildings taller.

1. A bungalow got demolished back in the spring and is now being redeveloped as a 4 bedroom house.

The smaller bungalow in the  middle is staying but will soon have two-storey neighbours either sides.

2&3. There is planning permission to redevelop the bungalow, with the grounds, into two two-storey houses.

4. Red Line Outboard Services, at Ferry Boat House, were moving out last Friday, and so that looks likely to be next building to grow an extra storey.

5 Comments December 15, 2014

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