A Garden for All Seasons

The 23rd September is the Autumn Equinox – derived from the Latin words equus (equal) and nox (night). We are at a point where the long summer days are all but over, and the nights grow longer.
The Changing Seasons
Churches celebrate the harvest at this time of year. At Trinity yesterday the suggested list of harvest offerings to be given to The Asylum Welcome Centre included: cooking oil, sugar, UHT milk, tea and coffee, long-life fruit juice, couscous, noodles, lentils, jam, honey, biscuits and tinned vegetables, fruit, soup, fish and meat (not pork) with best before date of 6 months.
The Changing Seasons
The leaves are turning in the avenue of trees between The Chestnuts and Wick Hall.
The Changing Seasons
In the fields between Mill Lane and the A34, the harvest is over, and a tractor is tilling the ground for the next crop.
The Changing Seasons
However, the garden at St Ethelwolds are still looking bountiful with: strings of tomatoes …
The Changing Seasons
apples …
The Changing Seasons
a few late raspberries

The Changing Seasons
and many late flowers.

The garden at St Ethelwolds this year have been open for people to discover – at all seasons.

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Archaeology Works in Progress by the Drayton Road

Archaeology Works in Progress
Work has been underway for about 4 weeks now investigating the archaelogical heritage of the field off the Drayton Road which could be developed with 159 houses.
Archaeology Works in Progress
In places the topsoil and subsoil have been removed to make way to excavate some deeper trenches.

The introduction to the archaeological field evaluation says earlier work “found mid to late Iron Age remains that would fit the character of a farmstead …”
Archaeology Works in Progress
Work is concentrating to the northeast and east of the site, up near the Drayton Road on the side nearest Abingdon.

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From Blockbuster to Barnado’s

From Blockbuster to Barnado's
The former Blockbuster DVD rental outlet at the Peachcroft Shops is now a Barnado’s charity shop.
From Blockbuster to Barnado's
There are some DVDs above the jigsaws, but most of the former DVD rental outlet is taken up with second hand clothes.

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Fairtrade Town Certificate

Fairtrade Certificate
At lunchtime on Friday 19th September 2014, Mike Moon the chairman of the Abingdon Fairtrade Steering Group presented the Mayor, Councillor Angela Lawrence, with a certificate saying that the status of Abingdon-on-Thames as a Fairtrade Town had been renewed in 2014.

The Abingdon Fairtrade Group has held events on the Market Place and in town, promoted Fairtrade locally, and led Fairtrade assemblies in schools.

Angela is a long term supporter of Fairtrade and as a new councillor, 21 years ago, put a proposal to the Vale of White Horse District Council that they buy Fairtrade, but was defeated at that time – Fairtrade coffee was not as good back then as it is now.

The next Fairtrade event in Abingdon is at St Ethelwolds on 29th November when there will be a Christmas Fairtrade Market.

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New Store Opens at Fairacres

New Store Opens at Fairacres
A new discount store opened today in the Fairacres retail park in Abingdon. B&M Homestore already have a store in Wantage and will be opening another in Didcot at the weekend, and they look to be growing fast, having opened a store in Isle of Sheppey yesterday, Macclesfield the day before…
New Store Opens at Fairacres
From only 21 stores and 1 distribution centre in 2004, B&M has grown to 4 distribution centres and over 380 stores across the UK.

I hope there is still a UK when I wake tomorrow.

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