Nags Head – 2 years on

Nags Head - 2 years on
Two years ago the Nags Head re-opened. It had been a failing pub and was closed for quite some time. During the first winter the pub was refurbished very tastefully and the first year was a success.
Nags Head - 2 years on
During the second winter decking was added to improve the island, and the second year has gone well.

More improvements are underway to landscape the near end of the island and hide the bins this autumn and winter.
Nags Head - 2 years on
The pub now has it’s own beer, and as well being in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide for the second year running, has retained the title of Town & Country Pub of the Year.

To celebrate there will be a Beer Festival this weekend.

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Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo blows into Abingdon

Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo
Hurricane Gonzalo caused widespread damage when it hit Bermuda last week.

By the time the tail end of the storm hit Abingdon around midday today there was still enough puff to give the Town Flag a good flap.
Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo
On street corners – like the one pictured on Bath Street – leaves were spun round in little whirlwinds.
Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo
And out on the riverside walks near Abingdon it would have been sensible to wear a hard hat. I saw branches and twigs coming down.

It was still breezy this evening, and temperatures had dropped.

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Subsidised Bus Routes Under Review

Abingdon Bus Routes Consultation
Every four years, certain local district bus routes, subsidised by Oxfordshire County Council, need to be reviewed to ensure they are giving Council Tax Payers value for money.

The current contracts run to the end of May 2015. New contracts will be put in place from June 2015. The consultation about these services is open until 15th November 2014.

The services are mainly rural and help people get out and about.

One service is of particular concern to Abingdon, The Abingdon Town Service, is chiefly used by elderly people without cars or bikes to get into town, and to the Community Hospital.

The County Council are looking to save money. They say “All of the Abingdon town service routes serve housing areas situated off main roads at a considerable distance from main routes.”

County Council Officers say savings can be made as “There is barely any recorded use of the Abingdon town services in peak periods: as a result the peak hour journeys provided by service 40 in the morning and late afternoon are likely to be withdrawn.

County Council Officers say “Usage reduces significantly in the afternoon, particularly on Saturdays. An earlier finish may provide an opportunity to reduce costs if necessary and protect the overall level of service for the busier part of the day.

But this is a democracy. Let them know if they have got it wrong.

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Abingdon Marathon – The 33rd Running of this well organised event

Abingdon Marathon
The 33rd running of the Abingdon Marathon started at 9am from Tilsley Park this morning.
Abingdon Marathon
Many volunteers were there to help. Marshalls held back traffic at junctions to let competitors run free. They also cheered and guided runners round the course.
Abingdon Marathon
The event is organised by a committee of volunteers from clubs in Oxfordshire including Abingdon Amblers. The number of entrants is limited to 1100, and included a postman who was going for the posties marathon record carrying a heavy post bag. I have not heard yet whether he got round in time.
Abingdon Marathon
Many local Clubs and Societies helped. The Abingdon Air Cadets for example were at the turn by Abingdon Marina offering drinks.
Abingdon Marathon
There was even a feeding station offering Jelly Babies near Peep O Day Lane.
Abingdon Marathon
The course itself had some changes this year. What is a difficult road junction at the bottom of Preston Road was replaced by a ‘funny’ turn at Lambrick Way. Then near the end competitors were diverted along Farm Road.
Abingdon Marathon
It was another very well organised event. The winning men’s runner, Chris Jordon from Leicester Coritanian Athletic Club, is seen here with some of the See Saw volunteers who organised the catering at Tilsley Park.

636 runners completed the marathon within the time limit. There are pictures of the runners on the Abingdon Blog Facebook page.

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Virtual Cycling Cambridge to Oxford and other events in town today

Virtual Cycling Cambridge to Oxford
A team of volunteers, staff and customers, have been “virtually” cycling the 100 miles from Cambridge to Oxford – two major research centres, to raise money for Cancer Research UK, using a static bike in the window of the shop in Bury Street, Abingdon from 9am – 4.00pm.
Virtual Cycling Cambridge to Oxford
There were outlines of Cambridge and Oxford on the shop window and a “You are here” indicator to show progress between.
Alzheimers Society Xmas Sale
Also in town this morning the Alzheimer’s Society Xmas Sale was in the Roysse Room, with jumble, Christmas decorations, and refreshments. It was not such a big event as previous years.
Alzheimers Society Xmas Sale
Abingdon Artists had their autumn exhibition in St Nics. As well as the members’ exhibits there was a chance to judge your favorite picture, and enter a raffle for the prize picture, a copy of a Van Gogh that one of the members had painted.
Alzheimers Society Xmas Sale
This is the first week of the ACF Crafts for Christmas Show at the Old Abbey Buildings, now into the 43rd year, and also open tomorrow and next week.

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