New quarry proposal – 40% of traffic through Abingdon town centre

Thanks to Gordon for this. There was a public exhibition yesterday at Abingdon Vale Cricket Club for a proposed sand and gravel quarry on farmland between the River Thames and the A415.

The entrance would be opposite the Culham Science Park.

A larger scheme for the same site was opposed by residents, and opposed by English Heritage who did not want the bronze age cemetery at Fullamoor Farm to be destroyed. And so the proposed quarry area has been reduced in size, and traffic across the Culham and Clifton Hampden bridges removed.

Gordon says “The transport page is interesting – ‘level of additional traffic insignificant’, ‘no perceptible increase in queueing or delay’. The map seems to indicate the route to the A34 through Abingdon town centre

“It was stated that 40% of the traffic would go through Abingdon throughout each working day, amounting to 4 trucks every working hour.”

He just wanted to bring this to people’s attention. A planning application will be going to Oxfordshire County Council early in 2016. The consultation can be found at

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Two years later the shop front is bricked up

Lansbrough Estate moved from West St Helen Street to Ock Street, and Natural Health moved to Coxeter House. The vacated building was reconfigured: upstairs was converted to accommodation, and a new shop front was added.
Two years later the shop front has been bricked up, and two smaller windows fitted.

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Dog and Puppy

Dog and Puppy model
Thanks to Ray for sending this picture from last Friday . Ray said “I took this around lunchtime today in the precinct. It was fascinating watching the guy doing his sculpture. He was just starting the puppy on top.

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Fresh Fish from Grimsby to Abingdon Monday Market via the A34

Medieval Monday Market
Bradley Taylor must have an early start bringing fresh fish from Grimsby to the Monday Market in Abingdon
Medieval Monday Market
Traffic may have been running ok near Abingdon, but he tweeted ahead from Peartree, where there had been a collision, “Plenty of variety on board this morning, currently stuck on the A34, hopefully will arrive in Abingdon soon.”
Medieval Monday Market
I see in the British Online History of Berkshire that The Monday Market in Abingdon has a long history, and was run by the Abbey from at least 1328.

The 1556 charter granted the Monday market to the newly established Abingdon corporation. A table of fees for stalls in 1557 shows linen-drapers and woollen-drapers, tanners, ironmongers and smiths, ropers and ‘colle-makers’.

Nowadays market traders bring: fish from Grimsby, olives, bread and cakes, fruit and veg, clothes, carpets, and bags, batteries and watch straps, Hoover Bags …
Medieval Monday Market
a pop up toy shop, pottery, picture frames, dairy and meat products, eggs and pet supplies, cards and stationary, outdoor plants etc…

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Look Back at the Church Christmas Fairs

Church Fairs
St Helen’s Church Market opened at 10am on Saturday.
Church Fairs
When the door opened people were glad to get into the warmth of that glorious church building.
Church Fairs
At Trinity Church Fayre, held in the Conduit Centre, there was the chance to play games, visit stalls, and sit round chatting over refreshments.
Church Fairs
At the Abingdon Baptist Church Fayre you could visit Father Christmas in his grotto,
Church Fairs
and view one of the very biggest display of jigsaws ever assembled in a church.
Church Fairs
Fund raising is underway for the church development fund, and church members have compiled a book of their own recipes, and made a calendar of their own photographs – with originals on display at 35 Ock Street alongside.

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